Marstal No. 31 – 70 cl.

DKK449,00 Inc. Vat

Marstal No. 31 is the newest gin on the Danish market! The recipe for this classic Danish gin was prepared in a small Copenhagen apartment on Marstal Street No. 31, where the distiller after countless recipes found the right one. Marstal No. 31, which is a hand-distilled London Dry Gin is produced in the beautiful surroundings of North Jutland, on a copper kettle from Müller Brennereianlagen. 7 Botanicals like juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, licorice root, sweet orange peel, cardamom and cinnamon are carefully selected to create a spicy gin with a pleasant sweetness that creates a perfect taste balance. The water used in the production comes from the distillery’s own drilling, which is 30 meters below surface of the earth, and in particular contributes to the unique flavor.


Produced in Denmark
Strength: 42%
Volume: 70 cl.